Small Business Accounting: How to Choose an Accountant

While hiring an accountant, you need to consider certain things that will benefit your small business accounting. Most small businesses don’t hire an accountant and try to maintain their taxes and bookkeeping on their own. This causes discrepancies in records which lead to serious problems in the future. Hiring an accounting consultation firm will help you keep your taxes and bookkeeping in check. At Hutchinson & Company, we start with an assessment of your business, which is followed by reviewing your budget and taxes. Our services include fixed fee services and classic services.  

Four Tips to Choose an Accountant

A few tips to help you choose an accountant for your business are:

1.      Determine if they’re qualified

Certified Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs) are highly qualified and they are regulated by professional bodies. Their knowledge and experience will be ideal for a small business. They can help bring a magnificent transformation in your business if you follow their advice.

2.      Make sure that you are important to them

Discuss with the potential accountant that you hire the extent of time they’re willing to invest in you. It is important to sort that out prior to hiring someone so that both of you are on the same page. Consistent communication with your accountant is crucial for a growing project. Use your accountant as a business advisor all year round, not just during tax season.


3.      Select an accountant who cares about your company’s growth

Ensure that the accountant you hire is familiar with tax laws and cares about the growth and prosperity of your business. Along with managing your accounts, your accountant can provide you with substantial knowledge about the ways to save money and avoiding financial risks. Hire somebody you can trust completely with the financial matters of your business.


4.      Equate the charges

Accountants generally charge by the hour, monthly or a percentage of the revenue generated by the business. Compare between a few accountants, but most of all prioritize the quality of service the accountant offers.

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